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About PXT Money

Who are we?

We’re a mobile payment app that holds your money securely in your smart phone. It’s like having an ATM fund, right there on your phone, in an app. You can see your balance, track your spending, and get all sorts of digital coupons, exclusive discounts, and special offers reserved only for PXT Money account holders.


Use your PXT cash at stores and restaurants that accept PXT Money by simply telling them your phone number, and hitting a Pay button when the waiter or clerk sends you the amount you owe. You get a digital receipt immediately and the whole process takes just a few seconds... and it’s totally free!

Even Better

You can send money to friends, too, not just stores, for free. Your parents can send you money, you can lend money to a friend, pay someone back, pool money with a bunch of friends onto one phone to pay a tab or split a check.

It literally takes less than 10 seconds!

Key in your friend’s phone number, put in the amount, and hit the Send button. That’s it. Money is transferred from one person to another, totally for free, and they’ll see their money instantly by clicking on Balance in the app. Think about the possibilities: You’re somewhere and you need money. You text your parents. In less than 10 seconds you have it.

Better than a bank


  • Friend-to-Friend Transfers
  • Earn Money by Refering Friends
  • Digital Coupons
  • Instant Cash Savings
  • Searchable GPS Map of Merchants and Offers
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