About PXT Money™

PXT Money™ is a fast, secure and free mobile payment system for goods and services at retail stores and restaurants. PXT Money™ enables consumers to pay for purchases with their smart phone and redeem coupons at the same time. Coupons are what consumers receive when you define ‘offers’ using our free service as a PXT Money™ merchant. Imagine creating compelling offers today that are automatically distributed to local PXT Money™ consumers who tomorrow could be your new customers.

You control the offers you make, which you create and publish from your secure online account. We distribute and market your offers to local PXT consumers who receive them as coupons on their smart phone. They redeem your coupon automatically when they pay using their PXT Money™ prepaid account. There are no restrictions on the offers you make and no limit to the number you can distribute.

PXT Money™ is secure, fast and convenient. There are no chargebacks, the transaction is final at the time-of-sale and we offer a single guaranteed low merchant discount rate on all purchases.


Simple Steps

Open a PXT Money Account by joining here today.   We will verify your details and activate the application.
Download the PXT Money Application.   Start accepting PXT Money™ and create offers that create customers.


PXT Money™ is a prepaid payment solution. Consumers fund their own secured account and use those funds to make purchases. They receive offers from PXT Money™ merchants in the places they most frequently shop and dine and redeem those coupons automatically when they make a payment. Consumers can use PXT Money™ to make a payment even when they have no coupon.

At the point-of-sale a PXT Money™ consumer will give you their mobile phone number which you enter into your PXT Money™ Merchant application. If a consumer has a coupon for your offer the application will automatically present it to you for inclusion in the transaction. You finalize the sale amount and the application ‘sends’ a payment request to the consumer. The consumer accepts the request by entering their secure PIN. The sale is complete and both you and the consumer receive digital receipts.

You will receive payment through our fully secure transaction settlement system via the Federal ACH network. End-of-day and other reports as well as the ability to retrieve specific transaction details is all part of the PXT Money service.


Use our free service to create and distribute offers which consumers receive as coupons on their smart phone. You create an offer by giving it a name, a description and start and end dates (or even times if you like). If you want to get more creative you can. Custom and standard offer conditions can be applied. You can even allow consumers to pass on or share your offer with friends and family who are also PXT Money users. This maximizes the likelihood your offer will reach a local PXT Money™ consumer that will use it. These features are optional. It’s your offer – you control it. We just provide the tools, distribution and marketing to make your campaign a success.


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