About PXT Money™

PXT Money™ is a fast, secure and free mobile payment system for goods and services at retail stores and restaurants. PXT Money enables you to pay for purchases with your smart phone and redeem digital coupons at the same time. Imagine receiving coupons and offers from your favorite local merchants and redeeming them automatically when you pay using your smart phone. Using the latest mobile application technologies we have eliminated the need for credit or debit card data making identity theft virtually impossible when you use our safer, faster mobile system.

You control the whole transaction from the convenience of your phone. It’s easy for you and it’s trusted by merchants.


Simple Steps

Open a PXT Money Account by joining here today.   Fund your PXT Money account using your checking account or with a Credit/Debit Card.
Download the PXT Money Application and register your smart phone.   Choose which merchants you would like to receive coupons from.

From now on enjoy Every Deal, Every Day, Where you Are



PXT Money™ is a prepaid payment solution in which you fund your own secured account. Accounts can be funded from a number of sources and you control how much money is deposited to your account. PXT Money payments are drawn only from your prepaid account.

Use PXT Money at participating merchants to pay for any item, restaurant bill, or professional services of any kind. Give your mobile phone number to the merchant, click Pay in your PXT Money app and approve the resulting transaction with your secure PIN. When you pay, the PXT Money system lets the merchant know which of your digital coupons can be used for the purchase and you see the coupon right on your phone before you approve the sale. You can even use PXT Money when placing and paying for orders over the phone and you can send money from your PXT Money account to other PXT Money users. You can even send them coupons you might not want or not be able to use.

Once your account is set up and funded, you simply give the merchant your phone number at the time of purchase. They enter your phone number in the PXT System and you receive notification on your smart phone. To approve the transaction, you simply type in your PIN. And remember, PXT will automatically send the merchant all the coupons that are applicable to your purchase. It’s quick, it’s safe and you save money. It couldn’t be simpler.

Merchants receive payment through PXT’s fully secure transaction settlement system via the Federal ACH network.

When you need more cash in your account simply add more using the PXT Money web site. You can add money either directly from your checking account or using a credit/debit card through our secure PayPal service


Merchants who accept PXT Money define and distribute offers which you receive as coupons on your smart phone. Coupons are redeemed when you pay using your PXT Money account. We don’t restrict the number of offers a merchant makes or how frequently they make them.

Your coupon account is unique to you and you decide which offers you want to receive. There is nothing to print or cut out - if you have your phone you have your coupons. Depending on the offer some coupons can be shared or given to other PXT Money users and some coupons can re-used. You can see every PXT Money merchant on the Map screen on your app and even see at a glance which merchants you have coupons for. You can also browse merchants and filter by merchant category to hone in on deals you may be looking for.

Sign up today. Get a secure, fast and convenient payment system and get every deal, every day, where you are. Get PXT Money™.


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