Subscribing to Locations

You get PXT Money™ coupons from merchants in locations you subscribe to. Subscribing is just our way of giving you the ability to manage the coupons you receive on your phone.

Coming soon will be more options for refining your subscriptions – like subscribing to one or more merchant categories and even to specific merchants in locations. For now though you must subscribe to a location in order to receive coupons from merchants in that location. A location is a city, a town or even a section or district of a city/town.

You should subscribe to all of the locations that you frequently shop and dine in, after all its Every Deal, Every Day, Where You Are!

You subscribe to receive coupons by selecting COUPONS > SUBSCRIBE from your PXT Money account and selecting a location from the drop down boxes.

To subscribe to all locations in a city of town select SUBSCRIBE TO ALL.

You can unsubscribe at any time by selecting COUPONS > UNSUBSCRIBE.

Whether you subscribe to a location to receive coupons or not you will always see every PXT Money merchant in every location when you use the map search features on your phone.

You do not need to have a coupon in order to use your PXT Money account to pay for goods and services at any PXT Money merchant. Your account is good at any merchant, in any location at any time.

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