Redeeming Coupons

Coupons are redeemed when you pay for something using your PXT Money™ account. The payment transaction is the same whether you have a coupon or not. If one is available it’ll automatically be used as part of the transaction, unless you don’t want to use it.

Merchants have their own PXT Money application so they can accept your PXT Money payment. As with any PXT Money transaction the merchant will ask you for your smart phone number. They enter that into their application – which might be on a PC or on their own mobile point-of-sale device – and they will automatically see whether you have an available coupon and apply that to the sale.

What you will see is the adjusted sale amount and the coupon that was applied.

If you’re happy with the transaction as presented you simply press Accept, type in your PIN press Accept again and the sale is complete. Both you and the merchant will get receipts. Your receipt also confirms that a coupon was applied to the sale.


Making Coupon Choices when you pay

You choose whether or not you want to use a coupon or, if multiple coupons are available, which to use. It’s the merchant’s offer, but they’re your coupons, you get to choose.

In many cases merchants will have just one offer available at any one time in which case the choice is to use it or not. The easiest way to make your choice known is to tell the merchant. If you want to save a coupon for another visit that’s fine – tell the merchant not to apply it to this sale. You won’t lose it if you don’t use it. You can keep it for another time - until the offers expires.

However, if the merchant has started the transaction and you are presented with an applied coupon you don’t want to use you can press the Change button and uncheck the coupon. This will affect the sale amount so the transaction goes back to the merchant for an adjustment. The merchant will make the adjustment and you’ll get a new sale amount to accept. Just proceed as you would for any other PXT Money transaction.

When there are multiple coupons available your choices get a little more complex – but you’re still in control. You should always know what coupons might apply when you go to pay. Make sure you understand any special or standard conditions the merchant may have applied to the offer – check the coupon details they’re right there on your phone.

If you think a differet coupon should be applied or you have multiple coupons that meet the offer conditions, you can press the Change button and make a new selection. Check one or more of the coupons you want to use. The transaction will go back to the merchant for an adjustment. You’ll get a revised sale amount and can continue to accept the transaction and go on your way knowing you got the best PXT Money coupon deal out there!

You should always know which coupons might apply when you make a purchase. Make sure you understand any special or standard conditions the merchant may have applied to the offer. If you do change the applied coupon selection you must make a new selection that meets the offer conditions.

On the rare occasion when neither you nor the merchant agree that a choice is the right one either one of you can cancel the transaction in which case no sale is made.

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