Gifting and Sharing

You control how you want to use your coupons, but merchant get to define their offers. Sometimes merchants will create offers that they will allow you to give to, or share with, another PXT Money consumer. We use icons to indicate which coupons can be gifted and shared.

GiftWhen you see this icon it means the coupon can be gifted

GiftWhen you see this icon it means the coupon can be shared

How you gift and share using the app is the same, but there are different consequences.

When you gift a coupon you give it up to the person you gift it to. When you share a coupon you keep your coupon and the person you share it with also gets that coupon.

You gift and share from the Offer Details screen accessed via coupon summaries from the map screen. iPhone® users can also access Offer Details from the list screen

Press the Gift/Share button and enter the person’s telephone number and press Send. The app will confirm it was either gifted or shared successfully.

There are some constraints on gifting and sharing even if the option is allowed.

You cannot gift or share a coupon if that person already has the coupon and the merchant does not allow multiple copies to be held. Similarly you can’t receive a gifted or shared coupon for the same reason.

You’ll never see a coupon that can be both gifted and shared – it’s either one or the other.

The gift button is unavailable when you look at Offer Details via the Pay screen.

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