PXT Money™ Coupons

PXT Money™ Coupons are designed to bring you Every Deal, Every Day, Where You Are!

PXT Money merchants offer deals exclusively for PXT Money consumers – just like you. While some offers might be that Mega-Blockbuster-Deal-of-the-Century-Blowout we do not limit how frequently or how many offers a merchant can create and distribute. Nor do we dictate what type or size of offer a merchant can make. This means PXT Money merchants are able to offer more deals more frequently for more of the things you want, giving you more opportunity to shop, dine and save every time you visit your favorite local destinations.

You get PXT Money coupons when you subscribe to locations where you frequently shop and dine. You can subscribe to as many locations as you like. You can also unsubscribe. You don’t have to receive coupons from locations you don’t frequent and you don’t have to use coupons to pay using PXT Money. You’re in complete control.

Pay and Save at the same time

Unlike other coupon providers PXT Money offers the full power of paying for the goods and services you want while redeeming coupons for great offers all in one quick, easy and secure transaction. Merchants automatically know which coupons you have and can apply them at the time of sale without you doing anything other than reviewing and accepting the sale amount. It easy, its quick and its secure.

You can still shop and dine and use your PXT Money account at any PXT Money merchant irrespective of whether you have subscribed to that merchant’s location or not. You don’t need a coupon to shop at a PXT Merchant.

Here are a few other reasons why PXT Money coupons are cool…

Re useThey are 100% digital. There’s nothing to print out, nothing to hand over to the merchant and nothing to leave behind on the kitchen counter (except your phone!).

Re useThey are automatically redeemed when you pay using your PXT Money account. But you don’t need to use one if you don’t want to and you can even change a coupon for a better deal if one is available.

Re useIf you can’t use a coupon you may be able to give it to another PXT Money user, or even share a coupon with friends and family who have PXT Money accounts.

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